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Pet Wellness Program:

Pet Wellness Program

Join the Haney Animal Hospital Wellness Program
We encourage a proactive approach to your pet’s healthcare through our Pet Wellness Program. This program focuses on providing life-stage-specific preventative medicine to your cat or dog that makes sense for his or her species, breed, age and any relevant environmental challenges. Our staff will then offer you recommendations for appropriate preventative measures, nutrition and diagnostic work-ups.

Wellness Hinges On Your Pet’s Yearly Exam
Your pet’s annual health examination is a critical component of our Wellness Program. When we see your pet, we’ll ensure he or she receives a comprehensive physical exam and age-appropriate ancillary diagnostics like blood pressure screening, parasite tests, blood work, etc., which allow us to detect the early signs of disease. Any necessary vaccinations will be given at current participant rates.

Enroll Your Pet Now
If you have more questions about this program or you’d like to sign up your dog or cat, simply contact our office.

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