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Old Age:

Old Age

How lucky is 7 for your Pet?

Age of 7 years in your dog or cat means half his or her life. The age when your pet is considered senior. The decision you take about the health, nutrition, medication and exercise has a great effect on his or her senior life. You can make the rest of his or her life healthier and happier by very small precautions and safety measures.

Although your pet may not show visible abnormalities in his or her health at the age of 7 but only a veterinarian can tell how healthy is your pet and what precautions you should take to give your pet a healthy and happy life. Some time even your veterinarian will also require some sophisticated tests done to diagnose some signs of disease.

Some of the disease signs which you can very easily detect in you pet and notify immediately about them to your veterinarian for an early detection and treatment of the disease are as follows:

Loss of appetite, frequent urination, no urination, vomition, diarrhea, sore mouth, increased thirst, increased urination, blood in urine all these indicate kidney disease.

Straining while urination, frequent urination, Pooling, blood in urine, loss of appetite, vomiting , licking the vulva all indicate urinary tract disease

Cough, exercise intolerance, breathing difficulty, letharginess, weight loss or weight gain indicate Heart disease or Respiratory disease.

Difficulty in walking, Difficulty in getting up specially in the morning time, not easy stair climbing, not being able to jump into the truck as usual indicate some joint disease / muscular disease or spinal disease.

So as soon as you find any of these signs in your senior dog immediately notify your veterinarian, so that your veterinarian can find out the disease in its very early stage.

A senior pet health check includes a thorough examination of the medical history and physical exam. Depending upon physical findings and medical history a geriatric blood test and radiographs may be done.

So if you catch any abnormality in your pet at very early stage, Age 7 may be lucky for your pet.

Most common diseases, which can affect any senior pet, are as;

Organ diseases like Heart, Liver, Kidney, Lung etc.

Cancers like Hemangiosarcomas, Lymphosarcomas,Oesteosarcomas, Fibrosarcomas,

Primary or secondary lung cancers etc.

Hormonal diseases like Diabetes, Hyper or Hypothyroidism, Hyper or Hypoadrenocorticism etc.

Immune mediated like rheumatism, autoimmune hemolytic anaemia etc.

Infectious diseases like Bacterial, Viral, Fungal and Mycoplasma etc.

If you want a healthy and happy life in old age for your pets, get them screened for any kidney, liver, skin, heart an d hormonal disease from your vet.

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